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Our centres operate an approved Queensland Kindergarten program, with a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. The program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, but is specifically designed to support and enrich the learning of children in the Kindergarten class in the year before they start Prep. As we prepare children for their transition to school, we focus on finessing children’s fine motor skills, literacy and numeracy skills, and we also have a strong focus on emotional resilience and social skills, so children are not only well prepared for Prep, they are also well prepared for life.

The program aims to prepare children for their transition to school and the Early Childhood Teacher will work collaboratively with parents and the school, completing transition statements for each child at the end of the year to provide to their new teacher.



The National Quality Framework sets the standards for how child care centres operate in Australia. There are 7 areas and we are required to meet the standards set out in each area to ensure that quality care is being provided.

The 7 quality standards are:

  1. Programming and Practice
  2. Children’s Health and Safety
  3. Physical Environment
  4. Staffing Arrangements
  5. Relationships with Children
  6. Collaborative Partnerships with Families and the Community
  7. Leadership and Service Management