Our Vision For a Sustainable Centre

The Vision

Our vision is to eliminate all single use plastics and unsustainable practices from the centre by 2020, and to instead incorporate natural, holistic products that don’t cost the earth.

To get started, The Strawberry Bush Team had a training workshop where we learned how to make chemical free natural baby wipes and benchtop sprays to be used throughout the centre.


Why Sustainability Is Important to Us

The children at our centre will one day be our country’s decision-makers, consumers and social contributors. At The Strawberry Bush, we believe that employing sustainable practices will not only safeguard our planet for our future generations, but help our children to connect with the environment around them.

We want our children to understand the impact that we have on the earth and see the value in sustainable practices first hand!


What You Can Do

At The Strawberry Bush, we want to support you in teaching your children about all the ways they can protect our beautiful earth! Some of the ways that you can increase your children’s learning in these areas include:

  • Employing sustainable practices at home! We have some gorgeous recipes for all-natural baby wipes and bench top sprays – come and speak to us at reception to get a copy!
  • Getting out into nature! This will help turn sustainability from an abstract concept into something tangible. taking field trips out of the city and into nature can go a long way.
  • Conversations around sustainability – what is sustainability? Why do we avoid single use plastics? Why are these things important?
  • Sustainability projects can be a fun weekend activity to keep children entertained and create a teachable moment at the same time. Some ideas might be to plant a garden, make a worm farm or craft some recycling bins with your child.


At Bush Babies, we believe that sustainable practices are the way of the future! We are looking forward to rolling out our sustainability plans at The Strawberry Bush over the coming months. For more information, contact us today!