Activities for a Rainy Day!

15 Feb 2019 4:51 PMLicensee Person
Activities for a Rainy Day!

We have put together some rainy-day ideas for fun activities that will have you wishing every day was a wet day!


We are in the peak of summer – and you know what that means! Queensland is notorious for summer thunderstorms. We know how frustrating it can be to be stuck inside with the kids all weekend. Check out our ideas for rainy day activities! 


  1. Build a Fort

Haul out the pillows and blankets and get your imagination flowing! Building a fort is a great way to create a fun memory with your child and allows you to get on their level and get in touch with your inner child.


  1. Write a Book

Help your children get creative and make their own book. They will love coming up with a silly story and most importantly - drawing the pictures! This activity is great for encouraging imagination and language skills.


  1. Treasure Hunt!

Hide some special treasure around the house and put together a map for your children. They will have a blast hunting down treasure under the couch and in the book case! After they have their turn, challenge them to hide the treasure and make a map that you can have a go as well.


  1. Watch an Old Movie

Dust of an old favourite and cuddle up on the couch for a family movie. Your children will love watching the films that you enjoyed when you were a child, and this is a great opportunity for them to learn more about you and connect with you.


  1. Have a Crafternoon!

Craft activities have a range of benefits, such as developing fine motor skills and encouraging creativity and hand eye coordination. Check out some of our cute, craft activities like DIY Potato Stamps and Bubble Painting


At Bush Babies, we are big believers in getting on your child’s level and channelling your inner child! Having fun playing games with your children is how you create memories that last a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about our program!