The Developmental Benefits of Yoga for All Ages!

8 Mar 2019 11:16 AMLicensee Person
The Developmental Benefits of Yoga for All Ages!

Last week, we shared a sneak peek video of our baby yoga classes! At The Strawberry Bush, we offer yoga classes as an extracurricular activity for children of all ages. Teddy Bear Yoga provides a range of developmental benefits to children at every age.

Physical Development

Children derive enormous physical benefits from yoga. By following the yoga movements, very young children begin learning to control their bodies and develop physical awareness. Yoga helps them to build core strength, which is extremely important for babies. Core strength is the foundation for children to be able to maintain upright posture whilst sitting without support.

For older children, yoga builds strength, flexibility and coordination and helps to further refine their fine and gross motor skills. It is an excellent way to encourage physical activity in a non-competitive space.

Social & Emotional Development

Yoga also a fantastic way for children to begin having social interactions where they connect with each other through laughter, fun and imagination. Children participate in yoga as a group and have plenty of fun helping each other get into each pose.

Participating in yoga builds children’s confidence, which is a key foundation of social and emotional development. Yoga gives children an opportunity to be mindful and aware of their bodies and ask themselves “How do I feel?”

Joint Attention

We have spoken before about the Abecedarian Approach and the importance of joint attention as a function of child development. Joint attention occurs when the child is able to focus their attention on the same thing as their parent, educator or peer. It is highly beneficial for very young children to regularly practice joint attention.

During yoga, babies are encouraged to follow the instructor’s movements. Songs and dances are used to keep the children excited and engaged, and their attention is joined with the instructor’s for the entire session.

At The Strawberry Bush, we believe in providing extensive opportunities for children to grow and thrive! We do this through our engaging curriculum, range of extracurricular activities and beautiful environments. Contact us today to book a centre tour!