The Strawberry Bush: Our Rooms!

26 Mar 2019 12:36 PMLicensee Person
The Strawberry Bush: Our Rooms!

At Bush Babies we believe that progressing through each of our rooms allows children to build lifelong skills at their own pace! We begin building these skills from their very first day in care. Find out more about what children learn in each room here:

In the Baby Room (6 weeks to 15 months)

In the Baby Room, the focus is on encouraging the development of motor skills, body awareness, language recognition and understanding the world around them.

Children begin building body awareness and an understanding of the world around them through sensory play and activities to stimulate their sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.

We keep things engaging and fun for them, with activities like watching bubbles float and feeling them land on their skin, scrunching leaves and twigs to hear the noise and feeling the contours of various objects. In the summer months, we love doing water and ice play and the babies love splashing the water and feeling the different temperatures.

We build motor skills through a range of fun physical activities such as yoga, dancing and floor-based play. 

In the Toddler Room (15 months – 2 years)

In our Toddler Room, we focus on building language skills, social and emotional skills and physical ability! We encourage these skills through play-based programming that allows children to explore and investigate the world around them.

We use the Abecedarian Approach to begin building language skills, always using rich language with the children and encouraging conversations focused on one topic with multiple back and forth.

We explore a range of fun activities that help children develop physical skills, including playing in our very own mud pit! 

In the Junior Kindy Room (2 to 3 years)  

As two-year-old’s, children really begin to play interactively with their peers. At this age, we begin encouraging social skills! Children learn to share, take turns, resolve conflicts, and experience the joy of friendship.

Another big focus of Junior Kindy is developing self-help skills. We want to help children to become more independent. At this age, they are ready to have a bit more responsibility. They begin to look after their own belongings, putting away their own shoes, hats and bags.

We continue to work on toileting over this year as well,

In the Senior Kindy Room (3 – 4 years)

At the 3 to 4 age group, children become very curious! Around this age, children start lots of questions. "Why is the sky blue? Why do birds have feathers?" Questions, questions, and more questions! In Senior Kindy, we begin building language, cognitive and physical skills by following the children’s natural interests.

We push for language development over this year by engaging children in rich conversations. As children get closer to Kindergarten, we also focus on building self-help skills and independence.

In the Government Approved Kindergarten Program

The Strawberry Bush Kindergarten Program follows the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG). These guidelines focus on five key learning areas: identity, connectedness, wellbeing, active learning and communicating.

In the Kindergarten Room, we prepare children for the transition to Prep! The focus is on finessing children’s fine motor skills, literacy and numeracy skills. There is also a strong focus on social skills and emotional resilience, so children are not only well prepared for Prep, they are also well prepared for life.

Children are encouraged to build a confident self-identity through different types of play. This child focused approach to learning nurtures positive relationships between children and an enthusiasm for learning and curiosity.